The Manga Guide to Calculus

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Noriko is just getting started as a junior reporter for the Asagake Times. She wants to cover the hard-hitting issues, like world affairs and politics so her math-minded boss, Mr. Seki, teaches her how to analyze her stories with a mathematical eye. In The Manga Guide to Calculus, you'll see that calculus is a useful way to understand the patterns in physics, economics, and the world around us, with help from real-world examples like probability, supply and demand curves, the economics of pollution, and the density of Shochu (a Japanese liquor).

Mr. Seki teaches Noriko how to:
–Use differentiation to understand a function's rate of change
–Apply the fundamental theorem of calculus, and grasp the relationship between a function's derivative and its integral
–Integrate and differentiate trigonometric and other complicated functions
–Use multivariate calculus and partial differentiation to deal with tricky functions
–Use Taylor Expansions to accurately imitate difficult functions with polynomials
  • 256 pages
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